Payroll Outsourcing Services in Nigeria

Quickly and easily pay employees from wherever you are, all while ensuring tax compliance.

  • New starters data capturing
  • Payroll processing calendar (for submission, approval, funding)
  • Preparation of monthly payroll report
  • Monthly tax & social contributions
  • Monthly payslips
  • Off cycle payroll run
  • Year-end filing
  • Handling of staff expenses/ disbursements/ reimbursements
  • Handling of medical insurance
  • Calculation of payment to third parties (pension funds, insurance)
  • Calculation of the compensation to be paid to employees in case of resignation and of the statutory termination indemnity in case of dismissal
  • Customized reports on request
  • Preparation of monthly accruals for statutory bonuses (Christmas, Easter and vacation) and any other annual bonuses that may be provided to the employees

Error minimisation and savings

Automated payroll outsourcing services allows more time for your team to focus on strategic HR functions.


Process Standardisation

Our adherence to standard payroll processes means that you can rely on robust, documented, and systematic procedures to support your business.


Simple Process

A single payroll platform for all your business entities, ensuring simplicity and consistency across all your payroll processes.


Advanced Performance Metrics

Go beyond standard reporting with tools that allow you to make decisions with regional and country-level metrics and analytics spanning across strategic as well as transactional functions.


Single Point of Contact

Account manager assigned at the time of signing the contract.


Automated Reporting and Reconciliation

Embrace automation and move away from tedious, manual administrative reporting to cutting-edge payroll services.

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Clients Testimonials

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    We would recommend Payroll ERPCrebit as best payroll provider in Nigeria, their work is so fast and accurate, they set up our company payroll for 100 employees in just 2 days, Really worthwhile to seek their payroll services.

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    I have been really impressed by payroll services provide by Payroll ERPCrebit in Nigeria, a really good vendor I would recommend, a trustworthy and experience Professional company.

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    Payroll ERPCrebit has streamlined our payroll while providing full visibility of the process. With an amazingly quick turnaround from payroll requested to being done, we would not have it any other way.

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    I would highly recommend taking on Payroll ERPCrebit as part of your business to take the stress out of payroll and where you stand as an employer. Thanks for the ongoing support Payroll ERPCrebit Team.

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